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A Quiet Place  

Lord were You brokenhearted too?
Did You have to find a place
To cry out to Your Heavenly Father?
Did you ask Him why he had to die?
Did you love John so much that you needed
A place for your tears to freely flow?
Or did You stand in silent sorrow
Strong like the wilderness?
Did Your eyes search the heavenly skies
To know that John was with Your Father?
Did You wish You were there too?
Did your feet grow weary in the desert sand
As you journeyed alone?
Did Your heart ever tire of doing Your Fatherís work?
Did You need to rest in a quiet place?
Did You whisper secrets to Your Father
That history does not record?

I know Lord that You went forth
And saw the great multitudes of people.
You too, needed a quiet place
To be refreshed,
So You could go back to the people
And share the Fatherís love
That He gave to You.

Lord, I pray this day,
That You would help me find a quiet place,
So just You and I could talk,
Sharing the secrets of my heart,
Away from this world of busy
Timetables and schedules.
Help me to learn to be still
And know You are my God.
Then I too, can go out
With compassion and love
And share it with the people I meet.
Because You and I
Spent the time together
In a quiet place.


© copyright Connie Hale. All rights reserved.