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Beauty for Ashes
by Connie Hale

My life, my very being has become like ashes,
But you, my Lord,
Have come to me and held the ashes
Of my pain and suffering
Tight in you merciful hand
You took my ashes and placed them
Upon Your own heart
Making me beautiful again,
You my sweet Lord,
Have given me beauty for ashes.

I have been tried in the fire of life,
And although the world looks at me and sees only ashes
I am the beauty of gold.
Grace and love became the ‘gold’ of my life.
I have seen Your face in the people
That have helped me walk through this fire.
I have seen Your face in the moments of prayer when
I have felt Your peace and You restored my soul.
I have seen Your face in the fire beside me
And I knew I was never alone.
I have seen Your face in Your mercy and goodness
And knew that I was loved by You.
I have seen Your face through the eyes of pain.
The cross is no longer a picture on a wall
But it has become an imprint on my heart.

So, my friend, when you see me,
Know that I have been made beautiful,
Not for anything I have ever done,
Or for anything I deserve,
But because He drew me to His heart.
And when His pain touched mine
Beauty was given for ashes.


© copyright Connie Hale. All rights reserved.