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Birthday Blessings  

“Blow out the candles, Mom
And make a wish.”
I paused for a moment,
For my mind wanted to dwell
Upon the years that quickly passed.

I remembered how I sang
And danced with children,
It was 34 years ago,
When I started teaching.
(Has it really been that long?)

I’ve held the hands of the aged
Feeling their loneliness
I’ve laughed from a child-like innocence
And yet cried from the depths of my heart.

I have taught others along the way
Yet You Lord, are my teacher,
You showed me patience and kindness
You’ve given me mercy and a sweet grace.

You have always showed me the way to go,
But there were times I wanted to go my own way,
I was stubborn and thought I knew more.
During those times, life’s lessons
Were painfully taught.

Lord, You gave me gifts of love
Without the ribbons or bows,
You gave me a husband who taught me
To have a sense of humour
Even in the tough times
He has helped me to be fun to live with.
You gave me sons that taught me
Patience and perseverance.
You gave me a mother who taught me
How to love unconditionally.
You gave me friends who taught me to be honest and truthful.
A brother who taught me to be non-judgemental.
But the greatest gift is knowing I am loved by You.

I remembered how I sang the songs,
And danced the dance of life.
I wish I could say I’ve always
Sang and danced without falling
And always with joy.
But there were times
I tripped and fell,
And there were times my song
Was filled with sorrow
But You Lord were always there
To pick me up and say,
Just sing it again.

If I am given even another 30 years,
My face will be very wrinkled and old
But Lord, keep the little girl inside
Smiling bright, with the warmth of Your light.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted
By the clamour of my sons,
“Come on Mom, What’s taking so long,
Blow out the candles.”

Then in one short moment
I blew away 54 years of time,
And no one seemed to mind
That is ….except me.


© copyright Connie Hale. All rights reserved.