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Embracing the Years  

A mom with Alzheimerís Disease

Mom, I know youíre not the same
Person anymore.
This disease has robbed
Your mind and body
Of the precious gift of life.

When I come to visit you,
Most of the time
I become the shadow of a stranger.

The sorrow of not being part
Of your life,
Smashes hard upon my heart
Leaving pieces of love unshared.

Tenderly, My Father,
In His loving kindness
Picked up the pieces
And gave me hope again.

When I come to visit now, Mom
I embrace you
With all my heart
Even if you donít know Iím there.

God has replaced the sorrow with peace
As I am reminded of all
Those precious years
Weíve had together.
I remember those moments,
When we laughed and cried
All at the same time.

When I embrace you
With love and tears
Iím embracing the years
God gave you to me.
They are the years
I shared my life
With a beautiful lady.


© copyright Connie Hale. All rights reserved.