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One day as the sun
Shone gloriously before my eyes
The light of His love
Pierced my thoughts with a troubling question:
“If my God has forgiven me of much
Can I not forgive my brother of little?”

Without forgiveness
We cannot come close without shame
To a Saviour who forgave us.
With His dying words He said:
“Father Forgive them.”

Unforgiveness is a heavy cross,
But this cross is not one that saves,
Rather one which only kills.

But who is right or wrong?
Does it really matter?
Our spirit is closed,
Our minds are without peace,
Our hearts are left empty
For bitterness has taken
All the rooms in our heart
Where we once lived.

Like a child we must take
The key of forgiveness
And unlock a hurt
Letting it go.
Never to let it live in our hearts again.

As the sun begins to set,
I will make You Lord
My hiding place.
When my mind opens
The wound in remembrance
Of a hurt from long ago
I will run to You, my Lord.
Like a woman who once said:
“If only I can touch
The hem of His garment
I will be healed.”
Lord, I reach out
To You this day.

Tears flood my soul,
Words of pain are cried out,
As I stretch out my hand
To touch You Lord, my healer,
Only then can I turn
And with the other hand
Reach out and say,
“I forgive you too, my friend.”


© copyright Connie Hale. All rights reserved.