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Light The Candle  

Light the candle
And remember
A flame that seemed to laugh
With delight on the day of my birth,
And continued to burned bright
Dancing in the shadows of my life.

Light the candle
And remember
The warmth of me.
Let this candle be a reminder
That our life is a flickering flame
That brightens a corner of someone’s life
In what only seems to be a moment in the night.

Light the candle
And remember
The joy that burned deeply
In my heart,
When we found time to be together
And nothing could keep us apart.

Light the candle
And remember…
Life is a flickering flame
Where the winds of time
Come rushing by
And our flame is blown out.

Light the candle
And remember
To be ready to meet the One
Who first gave the Light.
And then He said, “Come.”


© copyright Connie Hale. All rights reserved.