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The Perfect Day


Thoughts of light and darkness have wandered down the halls of my mind.
Thoughts define who a person is. I refused to become a victim of darkness so I began to contemplate about what a perfect 24 hours would be?
I found it to be both a simple yet profound time for me.

The perfect 24 hours is serving the ones who canít serve you back.

It is the loss of memory of past failures.
It is believing as a child yet having a giantís heart to love big.
It is having a cup of coffee with a friend, or just holding their hand.
It is eating a piece of chocolate.
It is walking on the beach silently with only the sea gulls and waves as music.
It is a tender kiss and a warm hug for the ones I love.
It is taking the hand of a loving God and listening to Him whisper His love for me.
It is a time of no sorrow or grief over what I have lost or what I have found out.
It is physical bodies feeling well and not fighting against us.
It is saying my ďI Love Youís ď  to family and friends without fear of rejection.
It is laughing until I cry or Ö..crying until I laugh.
It is sitting in a hot tub with my toes touching the feet of the people I love.
It is being at peace with the plan God has for me.
It is a time I admit my mistakes, try to correct them, and then move on freely to all the other hours of time that are not perfect.


© copyright Connie Hale. All rights reserved.