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The Dance Of Grace  

Your all consuming love
Beckoned me to come,
And my heart began to sing
Songs of praise
Through a journey of endless days.

I saw Your mercy,
And felt Your loving embrace,
And we began to dance
The dance of grace.

As we danced across time
Far into eternity
I felt the love You had for me.

We danced under the star lit sky,
In a stable where a baby cried,
And I laughed
Over the sound of an angelís sigh.

We danced on a hill where a cross stood,
Nail print hands held me tight and I cried
Through a motherís eyes
Watching her son die.

We danced around a stone that was rolled away,
Looking up a Him
I was amazed,
His light penetrated through
The darkest moments of my days.

We danced and we danced
To the song of mankind
Written by the hand of God
Before time.

Grace was the melody
Mercy was the words,
Love was the embrace,
Laughter was on His face
Through the dance of grace.

I danced and danced,
The dance of grace,
Laughing and crying
I touched my Saviourís face.
And was forever lost in His loving embrace.

Dancing with my Saviour on my birthday August 6th

© copyright Connie Hale. All rights reserved.