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Two Paths to Follow
by Connie Hale

Tomorrow’s sunrise shall shine upon our path
As we journey long and hard.
Our hearts beat as one for Him, at last.

As we searched for the path
In which we must take
The door slowly closes behind us.

I have a part of you
Still living inside me.
But I am driven down a different path, One I must follow.
Although sadness fills
The empty rooms of our minds,
Love fills the corners of our hearts.

So don’t be saddened my friend
That I am leaving,
Nor, I sorrowful for you.

Love enduring along the way,
Hope breathing into our beings
Strengthening our faith
Are part of the people we are.
We can’t change what God
Has gently touched and molded for Him.

Two paths to follow…
A faith journey drawing us
In different ways
But will lead us both to a place
Where we will see His face.

Thank you, my friend,
For sharing the beauty of you
Along the way.

I’m glad our two paths crossed
For a little while.
May they meet again
Filled with our laughter and love
Becoming a ‘light’ along the way.


© copyright Connie Hale. All rights reserved.