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You Are My God  

It’s a privilege, Lord,
To stand on this peaceful shore
And say: “You are my God.”

The waves anxiously
Journey back to shore
Like my heart
That yearns to journey home,
To be with You.

The soft wind
Speaks of Your presence
Whispering to me
“You are my God.”

The outstretched sky
Portrays a gentle giant.
And the seagulls cry out
In beautiful harmony,
“You are my God.”

“You are my God.”
Keeps echoing in my heart.
Your word unfolds
Like a bird’s wings
In full flight.

My spirit begins to soar
Over the living water,
And like a shell
I am washed ashore
Emptied of myself,
But filled with awe of You.

© copyright Connie Hale. All rights reserved.